Grand jury drops rape charge against Angola assistant warden

(PPN) – Angola assistant warden, Barrett Boeker, was arrested in December on one count of second-degree rape. Boeker, 34, allegedly raped the victim at his home on prison grounds on November 30, 2016.

Boeker lives at 6 Falcon Road in the tiny village of Angola inside the prison gate where some of the prison staff live. He turned himself in after an arrest warrant was issued.

The rape victim waited several days after the alleged incident before going to the hospital. Many questioned using the rape kit as evidence but it did not provide any.

The grand jury dropped the charge Monday by returning a “no true bill”. This means that the case is closed unless new evidence comes forward, according to local news station WAFB.

District Attorney Sam D’Aquilla did not foresee any new evidence. Boeker is still on administrative leave and may return to work but the decision is up to Angola.

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