Governor Edwards sued by Louisiana AG Jeff Landry over $4 million

Baton Rouge, LA (PPN) – Louisiana attorney general Jeff Landry (R) filed a lawsuit Tuesday, April 11 against Governor Jon Bell Edwards administration for $4 million. According to Governor Edwards, Landry is suing him over a escrow account that does not belong to him and called the suit “nothing more than a dog and pony show.”

Landry is accusing the Governor’s Division of Administration of improperly withholding money from a 2014 pharmaceutical settlement reports say.

Edwards said in a statement: “The law clearly states that this money does not belong to the Department of Justice, and I am more than willing to defend that in court.” These two men have been at odds since they took office last year.

“John Bel Edwards is a predictable and vindictive Washington-style politician more concerned with political points than the people’s business,” Landry said. “By playing petty partisan politics, the governor is jeopardizing the operations of the Louisiana Department of Justice.”

The attorney general is required to turn over the money in escrow to the state treasury. Landry’s predecessor, Buddy Caldwell, never remitted the money as required, the Edwards administration says.

However, Landry says the escrow accounts pay for office operations and that it “is necessary to ensure continuity of operations, to make payroll, to cover expenses of ongoing litigation and to avoid a deficit.”

The Senate and House could not agree on whether or not the funds should be transferred. The House opposed it and the Senate agreed to it.

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