Governor Edwards Rome trip costs taxpayers $15,000

Baton Rouge, LA (PPN) – Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, First Lady Donna Edwards, and others took a trip to Rome in January to meet Pope Francis to discuss human trafficking victims. On Friday, the expense report was released after requested public records. The state police was billed $15,000 for trooper security detail. Governor Edwards paid for himself and wife travel expenses.

Other expenses included $8,600 for overtime and $3,000 for transportation. Meals and lodging costed about $1,700 each.

Governor Edwards and his wife are both Roman Catholics and supports anti-human trafficking. Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy nuns also went on the trip. They established Metanoia House and paid for State Police Superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson’s trip. Metanoia House is a privately-funded Baton Rouge shelter for ┬áhuman trafficking girls under the age of 21.

In 2016, 104 human trafficking cases was reported. Out of those 104 cases, sex trafficking made up 74, labor trafficking 21, sex and labor 4, and there were 5 others reported as not specific cases.

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