Glen Oaks High School town hall-Many questions UNANSWERED

Today the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board held a town hall meeting to discuss the tax plan and the renovations of Glen Oaks High School. The complete remodelling will be consisting of 3 phases. Phase I and Phase II have already been approved by the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board, which totals to an estimated 16 million dollars. Phase III will be completed contingent upon the passing of the Tax Plan.

Over 200 people gathered in Glen Oaks High School auditorium as they ask questions regarding the completion of Glen Oaks High School remodelling.  However, many questions were deflected as Superintendent Warren Drake only wanted to discuss the tax plan. Many of the citizens who attended the meeting were under the impression that it was a Glen Oaks High School only meeting.

A few disgruntled members of the community stood up and addressed the Superintendent.

“All the Phases sound good but we were originally promised 45 million dollars”, said Dadrius Lanus.

“A school that will hold  500 students compared to a school that will hold 1500 students is why the school is receiving 16 million dollars and not 45 million dollars. We still have not gotten any money back from FEMA to rebuild a structure”, said Superintendent Warren Drake.

“If you can spend 45 million rebuilding 2 other schools from the ground up than why does Glean Oaks High only get 16 million, are the curtains cheaper to buy in North Baton Rouge? The numbers don’t add up, We Need Equity!!” , said Gary Chambers.

Public comments were broken up into breakout sessions.

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