Glen Oaks High School has been neglected by the EBR School Board-according to students and community members

The Glen Oaks Community is in an outrage regarding the status of Glen Oaks High School. The school was severely damaged due to the Great Flood of 2016.  Community members want answers as to why buildings are still boarded up and why repairs have not started on the school. The B-building, C-building, D-building, Cafeteria, F-building, Administrative Office, and Library are still boarded up and it appears that no work has begun. Glen Oaks High School has an enrollment around 530 students which is among the smallest of public high schools in Baton Rouge.

Marcus Williams, program director with CSRS/Tillage Construction, presented the School Board with a three-phase plan for permanently restoring Glen Oaks High School. Phase 1 is projected to be completed by August 2018, Phase 2 by August 2019, and Phase 3’s completion date was not given. Williams suggested that the total cost of repairs would be close to $22 million.

The new plan for Glen Oaks High School would only hold a maximum of 400-500 students. Prior to the flood, the school’s maximum student count was 1,400 students. With the remodeling of the school, the school would be at a capsized of less than half of what the school once held in the mid-90s.

Alumni from the school are holding a community forum on January 25, 2018, 5:30pm at the Glen Oaks High School gymnasium to discuss the conditions and demand answers from school board members.


Daniel Banguel Publisher/Community Activist

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