Girl shows up at prom with ‘dead gorgeous’ look in casket and hearse

New Jersey (PPN) – The entrance to prom is very important for many high school students. They shine up their cars and dress to impress. A high school student in New Jersey made a grand entrance that will never be forgotten as long as she lives. She arrived to prom in a hearse, and casket.

The student, who wants to be a funeral director, surprised her classmates by arriving at her prom in an open coffin.

Megan Flaherty, 17, shocked the world and her friends when she pulled up at Pennsauken High School’s junior prom on Saturday in the back of a hearse.

 She says she mainly wanted to have fun while attending Pennsauken High School's junior prom on Saturday (pictured with her date)

Flaherty was lying flat on her back in a navy gown in the prop coffin while being slid out of the back of the hearse.

 Many criticized her for mocking the dead but her mother spoke out on social media and said the teen didn’t mean any harm.

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