Flynn lied to investigators about Russia, letter says

(PPN) – Rep. Elijah Cummings wrote a letter that reveals new information about former national security adviser Michael Flynn and what he told investigators about his ties to foreign governments when he was interviewed about his security clearance.

According to the Report of Investigation, which Cummings refers to in his letter to committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, Flynn made false statements to investigators about who funded his foreign trips, including a 2015 trip to Russia where Flynn was paid roughly $45,000 to speak at an event in Moscow. The letter released today by Democrats on the committee, showed Flynn claimed his trips were funded by “US companies.”
The report stated that Flynn said he “had not received any benefit from a foreign country.”
“We need to know what the President, Vice President, White House Counsel, and other top officials knew about General Flynn —- and when they knew it,” Cummings writes in the letter.
Cummings accuses Chaffetz in the letter, of defying the interests of the investigation by not subpoenaing the records. Chafeetz expected to step down next month.
According to sources, the oversight committee had previously sent a bipartisan request to the White House that it wanted any information into how the Trump transition team vetted Flynn as well as any communication White House officials may have had about Flynn’s alleged connects to foreign nationals.
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