Florida governor warns residents to evacuate: ‘We can’t save you’

Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday urged people to evacuate in the state ahead of Hurricane Irma’s arrival, a storm set to unleash devastation on Miami as early as Sunday morning.

“If you live in any evacuation zones and you’re still at home, leave!” Scott warned Floridians at a news conference Thursday. “Do not try to ride out this storm … we can’t save you once the storm hits.”

At least 500,000 people in South Florida now face evacuation orders.

Scott said that regardless of their location, people should be ready to get out. The governor noted that Florida’s western coast “will still have hurricane conditions.”

Hurricane Irma is located about 40 miles southof Grand Turk Island in the Turks and Caicos, and about 135 miles east of Great Inagua Island in the Bahamas, the National Hurricane Center said in its 5 p.m. ET advisory. The storm is headed west-northwest at 16 mph with maximum sustained winds of 175 mph, according to the NHC.


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