Ferguson is fired up again after new surveillance of Michael Brown is released

(PPN) – Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown, 18, in August 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. He was not indicted for murdering Brown.

Brown was accused of robbing Ferguson Market and Liquor Store before he lost his life.

A documentary called ‘Stranger Fruit’ was released this Saturday showing new footage of the surveillance camera that was not shown initially by police.

Filmmaker Jason Pollock included a video showing Brown giving the clerk a small bag. The clerk then gives Brown a bag and cigarillo box,  he takes it but turns around and gives it back before leaving the store.

It is believed that Brown returned later to get his belongings. The small bag may have had marijuana in it, as a part of the drug deal.

The prosecutor called the never seen before footage ‘pathetic’.

St. Louis Police deptartment told CNN that they cannot confirm the authenticity of the video at this time. The original police report did not mention Brown’s overnight visit.

Fergurson Market and Liquor Store also says the video is false.

About 100 protestors are furious again as they gathered in front of the store Sunday. Many believe that the police withheld this part of the video from the public.


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