Family sues animal store after 10-year-old dies from rat bite

San Diego, CA (PPN) – The family of a child who died from having a pet rat sues the pet store.

Andrew Pankey blames Petco Animal Supplies for death of his 10-year-old died. The boy died from contracting an infectious disease from a pet rat that his grandmother purchased for him.

Peto fought to clear their name in court by confirming that all customers receive a warning of deadly baterrica.

Pankey died on June 12, 2013 at Rady Children’s Hospital; his grandmother purchased a male rat at the Petco store in Carmel Mountain Ranch a couple weeks prior.

Plaintiff’s attorney Bibianne Fell told the jury  that Aidan Pankey death was caused by a rare disease in the rat that Petco sold. It was their fault.

Reportedly, the store sold other diseased animals to 16 other people over the last 14 years, including some children.

“Petco is still selling rats to kids and kids are still getting sick,” Fell told the jury in court.

Christopher Faenza is the owner of the rat distribution company. According to his attorney,  all  industry protocols were followed and in the huge number of pets sold, they have not violated any laws.

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