Facebook, Twitter may be fined for fake news

(PPN) – Social media companies are in under the spotlight after the German cabinet approved a plan to start imposing fines for fake news posts.

Facebook created an educational tool to discover fake news. There will be a campaign in 14 countries to help people become more discerned readers. Those countries are Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Myanmar, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, U.S., and Canada.

Adam Mosseri, vice president of news feed, said: “We think these tips will help people become more discerning readers, which is critically important as we’re moving to a world where people need to be more sceptical about what they read to make sure they are not misled or lied to.”, according to BBC news.

“The providers of social networks are responsible when their platforms are misused to propagate hate crimes and fake news,” justice minister Heiko Maas said in a statement emailed to CNNMoney.

Social media companies will have to remove fake news posts and hate speeches within 24 hours after they have been flagged.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others made a public commitment to remove these posts but according to German officals, they are failing to meet the target.

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