Elderly couple arrested for hoarding 185 Yorkers

Poway, CA (PPN) – The San Diego Humane Society rescued 185 dogs from an elderly couple. They were arrested for hoarding Yorkies in a dark filthy room with disgusting urine covering the floors.

Authorities found dozens of Yorkshire Terriers and Yorkie mixes inside- including puppies .

Three dogs were euthanized because of poor health.

Mark Vattimo, 72, and Christine Calvert, 62, of Poway plead guilty to two felony animal neglect charges.

Calvert fled to Nevada with a motorhome packed with another 46 dogs but was arrested weeks after Vattimo, according to San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper.

The dogs showed signs of hair loss on their feces-matted fur, plus ear infections and fleas.

The couple faces three years of probation and will not be allowed to own pets for a 10 years.

The Humane Society will take ownership of their 31-foot motor home as restitution.

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