Drug dealer calls 911 to report stolen cocaine

Fort Walton Beach, FL (PPN) – A Florida drug dealer may have forgotten that selling drugs is illegal and that calling 911 to report stolen drugs is not a smart thing to do.

David Blackmon, 32, called 911 Sunday morning to report a vehicle robbery. He waited on the officer to arrive on the scene, forgetting that he had drugs in his possession.

Most drug dealers avoid calling 911 and try to stay out of the sight of police, but Blackmon was different.

Blackmon told the officer that someone broke into his car and stolen a quarter ounce of cocaine and $50 from his console. The officer found cocaine, a crack pipe, and one rock on top of the console and in the driver’s side door.

He was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and resisting arrest without violence, according to reports. Blackmon was released Tuesday.


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