DOJ: Unanimous decision, not enough sufficient evidence in the shooting case of Alton Sterling

Posted by Daniel Banguel on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Baton Rouge, LA (PPN) – On Wednesday, May 3, the Department of Justice held a press conference to make an “official” announcement for the decision made in the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling.

The two Baton Rouge police officers that were involved are Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II. Salamoni pulled the trigger. Despite the decision made today by the Department of Justice, the state can still charge the officers.

The acting US Attorney General Corey Amundson addressed the public. Anundson is a 15-year-veteran with the department.

“Our investigation focused on one question did either Officer Salamoni or Officer Lake violate federal criminal civil right laws or any other federal criminal law in connection with their encounter with Mr. Sterling?” Amundson said.

Federal investigators said they will not charge the two police officers who fatally shot and killed Alton Sterling.

He went on to say “under this standard, it is not enough to show that the officer acted recklessly or with negligence or  by mistake”.

They made an unanimous decision. They were unable to decide without a reasonable doubt that he was or wasn’t going for a gun and the lethal force that was used, was not unreasonable.

A life and death situation was made in 27 seconds. This is the first time that the DOJ has not found officers guilty in violation of a ciziten’s civil rights.

The DOJ did not include the incidents that led up to the assassination of Alton Sterling in the decision making process.


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