Doctor dies during 2nd attempt to climb Mt. Everest

Asia (PPN) – The death toll this past month continues to increase on the world’s tallest mountain.

An Alabama doctor and climber died during his hike early Sunday. This is the third death in May that occurred on Mount Everest.

According to The Washington Post, Dr. Roland Yearwood died close to the summit on the Nepal side. That area is called the “death zone”, because of its thin air. This was his second attempt to climb Mt. Everest.

In 2015, he survived an avalanche and was rescued by helicopter. Sharma, his sponsor for the trip, confirmed Dr. Yearwood’s death.

“We have confirmation of his death but no other details are known,” Sharma said. “It is also unclear if he was on his way up or down from the summit.”

Mrs. Yearwood, who is also a physician, described her husband as a relaxed man who was spontaneous and outgoing.

“He is always calm,” Dr. Amrita Yearwood, told “He does a lot of sports. He is adventurous. He doesn’t get freaked out.”

Slovak mountaineer Vladimir Strba also died Sunday, according to the Himalayan Times. Strba died on the Tibet side of the mountain. Also, another climber from Australia died from altitude sickness. Francesco Enrico Marchetti was 54-years-old.

The third person who died hasn’t been found yet, search operations continue for the Indian climber.

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