Louisiana’s hottest Radio Show hits itunes and Facebook Live-The Daniel Banguel Show

Louisiana’s Hottest Radio Show hits iTunes and Facebook Live


Baton Rouge (PPN) -There’s a new show on Facebook live that’s buzzing on the internet like no other! Louisiana now has a new radio talk show!

The Daniel Banguel Show will be live every Monday and Wednesday night to discuss politics, education, entertainment, comedy and more!

Daniel’s talented co-hosts Samuel Washington, Braylon Hyde, and Whitney Living all give unique insights on the show. Their long tenured expertise and diversity brings a vibrant inspiration to its listeners.

If you miss a show, you can listen to the Pen Point News podcast on iTunes.

Learn more about The Daniel Banguel Show team:

Daniel Banguel, Host

Daniel Banguel is a Community Organizer, Motivational Speaker, and a Community Advocate. Banguel is an elected member of the Louisiana Democratic State Central Committee that represents East and West Baton Rouge for the 29th District. Banguel also represents Congressional District 2 on the Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Leadership Team. He is a graduate of Northwestern University and Southern University A&M College. While in college he studied in areas of Business Administration, Finance, and Political Science. Banguel has been featured as the keynote speaker at various schools and community outreach events and have also given several interviews to local newspaper, radio and TV stations about topics such as: Anti-Bullying, Education, Politics, Crime Prevention, and Economic Development.

 Banguel has served the community in many ways to bring awareness to national topics in hopes to bring the community a solution to these problems. Banguel has been a featured guest on many programs which include: a featured panelist on the Louisiana Public Broadcasting televised show, Bullying in Louisiana, special guest on “Black and White” a state wide television show hosted by Diana Andrews, A featured panelist at the Southern University Division of Continuing Education’s Statewide Conference “Bullying: A Call for Action”, a keynote speaker for the Grandparents raising Grandchildren Annual State Wide Conference, and Banguel has also served as a featured panelist along with many state elected officials on community projects. 

Banguel founded the Louisiana Educational Advancement Project (LEAP), where he serves as Chief Executive Officer.

LEAP’s mission is to make sure children in at-risk communities are equip with the basic fundamental tools of life so that they may be successful. These tools of life are character traits such as: leadership, character build up, discipline, and determination. Banguel believe that LEAP will begin to systematically change the culture in poverty stricken communities by impacting the youth of the community.
Banguel is the host of  The Daniel Banguel Show, a community radio show that talk about issues that affect the community by giving solutions to the issues. Banguel also uses his radio show to give people in the community a platform to share their thoughts and ideas on how to make their community better.

Samuel Washington, Co-Host

Samuel Washington is Veteran who served multiple tours overseas. These tours included; Operation Enduring Freedom 2013-2014 and Operation Enduring Freedom 2015-2016. He was awarded the Army Achievement Medal In 2015. His efforts in both tours were acknowledged by Brigade Commanders, Battalion Commanders, and Company Commander.

In 2015, Samuel was certified in Resilience Training. He now teaches weekly Wellness and Resilience groups at Capital Area Recovery Program for Men, East Baton Rouge Parish Prison Female Facility, Capital Area Human Services, and Therapeutic Group Homes. His life struggles and ability to adapt and overcome are now tools he uses to help others and what makes him a great leader, Motivational Speaker, and Peer Specialist.

In February 2015 Samuel started his journey in positive speaking and encouraging others. He started a social media trending blog called #MotivationMonday. This blog then triggered his branding slogan called “It’s Your Choice”. This brand embodies all of Samuel’s belief and gives others the power to control their own mindset, happiness, and success. His most recent accomplishment was putting a kid’s event together called Fun and Fitness. This event hosted over 40 kids with age ranges from 5-15. The event gave Samuel’s brand the opportunity to partner with the local community and create a safe, fun, and positive environment for kids to come to. 

Samuel now has many different outlets through his brand that includes group sessions, individual counseling, community events, and more importantly setting a great example for the next generation. Through his face to face interactions, established social media base, and new website www.itsyourchoicemovement.com Samuel is pushing to leaving a lasting impact in this world. The power of ownership is what he’s trying to offer but you first have to know that, It’s Your Choice.


Braylon Hyde, Co-Host

Braylon Hyde was born April 1, 1994 in Pascagoula, MS. Being a military child allowed him the opportunity to move to various communities throughout the years. While living in Oklahoma and Georgia, Braylon soon found his love for community service and involvement. Some of the various organizations and positions he held include: President of NAACP Youth Council of Lawton, Oklahoma, President of the NAACP State Youth/College chapter of Oklahoma, President of the Lawton Youth Advisory Board, Member of the 2011-2012 Georgia State Superintendent Youth Advisory Council, ans. State Director for the Urban Game Changers of Louisiana just to name a few.

At the age of 12 he accepted his call into the ministry and has never looked back. Braylon continues to answer the call of community service through various outlets. Hyde co-hosts a radio show called Pounding the Pavement, that tackles a hard hitting and truthful approach to today’s issues in our communities.

 In this past 2016 election, at age 22, he ran for mayor of the city of Baton Rouge garnering over 800 votes as a first time candidate. He is a part of a local grassroots organization called the Next Generation Pioneers that is dedicated to unifying the current and next generation to create a platform for family, business, and community uplift. They provide services such as mentoring, entrepreneurship training, specialized knowledge programs, food programs, sports programs, business grants and beautification projects. He attends Louisiana State University, majoring in Political Science, and double minoring in History and Leadership Development, while also pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from the Andersonville Theological Seminary. He currently serves in the administration of our current Mayor- President Sharon Weston Broome as the Community Outreach Specialist for the BR Hope Zone.

Whitney Living, Co-Host

The past twenty (20) years of Whitney’s life has been dedicated to service. The voyage of her existence travels from adolescent-lodging in neighborhood drug houses to obtaining a Master’s Degree with the memories of life still securely placed in her mind. Through it all, the encouragement of others was her life’s dedication as she worked to rise above each situation and grab the hands of others as she inclined. 
Even as she struggled, in her adolescence, Whitney spoke life into others. Though timid, she used every opportunity to encourage others. Outside of her pain, she found purpose in offering kind words and a smile to those that seemed down and/or lost.
After college, Whitney completed over five (5) years of work within the Correctional component of a Sheriff’s Department where her work in Motivational Speaking truly excelled. As the first Clinical Site Lead for an In-Home Family Therapy model in Lafayette Parish, she placed her personal trials on the kitchen table to achieve the mending of relationships and providing rationale for the family’s turmoil. Her work rendered successful outcomes and a constant feeling of fulfillment.

Time spent out in the field did not compare to work done with the men and women that resided in the housing units of the local jail. In varying positions, Whitney worked, with tremendous effort, to speak life into the facility. She spent time discussing inmate concerns and reminding them of the potential that they still possessed. Whitney felt that even if life was now different, there was a chance to give back to the communities that had been negatively-affected. “It is not who you are today, but who you can use your story to ultimately be” was and still is Whitney’s mentality. Today, she looks to use the depth of her story, the blessings of her success and the dedication of her love for others to keep pushing for a positive change in the world we see. How, you may ask? Easily, by changing the manner in which we look at it.

For more info visit: www.danielbanguel.com

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