Are Police above the law?-Cover Up for former Baton Rouge Police Union president Chris Stewart

Earlier this month WBRZ News 2 Investigative Unit obtained the police report of the ex-girlfriend of a Baton Rouge Police officer that said she feared for her life and was threatened into believing her ex could get away with anything because of his job.

Baton Rouge Police Officer, Sergeant Chris Stewart has had multiple complaints of stalking and threatening of his ex-girlfriend; the first official complaint was in January and the second was earlier this month in Livingston Parish.

Full Police Report



The police report in Livingston Parish stated that Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD) Chris Stewart admitted to being at the ex-girlfriend’s residence after being told not to.

So why was no arrest made or summons written? [myAdSenseCodeFunction]

The report says how Stewart denied going to the ex-girlfriends home after she told him not to come there multiple times. Stewart said, he only came to the residence to knock on her door to let her know that her dog was lose in the yard. This entire conversation was heard by two deputies from the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office.

So why was no summons written for stalking?

The ex-girlfriend informed Livingston Parish Sheriff’s deputies that she was terrified and scared for her life.

So again why wasn’t any charges brought forth against Stewart?

The report also shows Stewart driving by his ex-girlfriend’s home multiple times and even pulled in the drive-way behind the ex-girlfriend’s new male companion. The report gives a description of how Officer Chris Stewart could have known the identity of the new male companion because Taylor could have ran the driver’s license plate.

BRPD Chris Stewart should have a camera in his unit that could verify if he ran the plates of the ex-girlfriend’s new male companion which would pin point him to that area.

Why would an officer use his police unit that tax payers in Baton Rouge pay for?

How much of tax payers’ gas was used to drive to Livingston Parish to an ex-girlfriend that does not want to be with him anymore?

Stalking is unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group towards another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them.

Even with evidence of Sgt. Chris Taylor stalking his girlfriend, Livingston Parish Sheriff’s office cleared the case and no charges was filed. The Sheriff of Livingston Parish said no charges were filed because the ex-girlfriend decided not to pursue the charges.

So when have police officers waited until alleged victims decided not to pursue charges before the initial summons has been written?

Stewart is on a “PAID” administrative leave. [myAdSenseCodeFunction]

The real Questions have still not been answered….

Where was Sgt. Stewart living after he moved out of his ex-girlfriend’s home? (police units could be driven home outside of the city limits)

Why hasn’t Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie terminated Sgt. Chris Stewart?

Are Police Officer’s really above the law?

The case is being investigated currently by Internal Affairs.



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2 thought on “Are Police above the law?-Cover Up for former Baton Rouge Police Union president Chris Stewart”

  1. Trent says:

    They have a union. I suspect that is what has prevented his immediate termination. What ever happened to the officer who had sex with the intoxicated girl while on duty? I do not remember the Chief holding a press conference to insure the public’s safety from predators within the vaunted Baton Rouge Police Department. #BlueLivesMatter. The governor needs to be asked about these cases and every legislator who voted for that measure.

  2. cleanerKl says:

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