Council On Aging Executive Director Tasha Clark-Amar releases a statement-“The TRUTH”

Baton Rouge- Today State Representative C. Denise Marcelle called  a press conference to defend allegations of coercion and state ethic rule violations against Council On Aging Executive Director Tasha Clark-Amar.

The family of a 95-year old woman, Helen Plummer, claims that Tasha Clark-Amar and a member of the Council On Aging’s board of directors, Dorothy Jackson drafted a will that appears to have taken advantage of one of its members.

The family says that Plummer started attending the Council on Aging a few years ago and did not realized that the will was drafted until less than 24 hours after Plummer’s death.

According to News 2 Investigative Team…

Metro Councilman Buddy Amoroso, who has been very critical of the Council on Aging leadership, believes that state ethics laws were violated, and so do state workers over elderly affairs.

“This would definitely be a violation,” Amoroso said. “You can’t do business with someone who is your client in this case, or constituent. This is why we have ethics laws in Louisiana.”

In another shocking twist, the family says when the document was drawn up last July they never received a phone call about it. It’s another concerning point for Amoroso.

“We are public servants,” Amoroso said. “We just passed a huge tax for the Council on Aging. We have an obligation to serve the public, not to enrich ourselves. That’s why we have ethics laws.”

Executive Director Tasha Amar-Clark decided that she would break her silence as she release a 4-page letter explaining her position in this matter.

Clark believes that these attacks are solely based on the fact of how much money the Agency now has, which is $80 million dollars. She eluded to the point that many of her attackers have never attended any of the Agencies events or shown interest in any of the programs that it offers its seniors.

Clark believes that these attackers who she mention by name such as: Councilman Buddy Amoroso, Councilman Dwight Hudson, Business Report Publisher Rolfe McCollister, Attorney Chris Alexander, Capital City News Editor Woody Jenkins, Business Report Editor Stephanie Riegel, Baton Rouge Area Chamber CEO Adam Knapp,  State Representative Paula Davis, State Senator Bodi White, State Representative Steve Carter, and State Representative Franklin Foil. Clark says that none of her attackers have participated in any of the Council On Aging many programs or events since she took over 6 years ago.

Clark believes that the court will vindicate her from any wrong doings that were alleged against her and the Agency.

Below is the full 4 page letter and the Press Conference..





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