Council on aging director’s mom, a judge, assigned daughter’s lawsuit case

Baton Rouge, LA (PPN) – East Baton Rouge Council on Aging Director Tasha Clark Amar filed a lawsuit against a family who has slandered her name in the media in reference to a case Amaar handled.

Amar’s mother, Judge Jane Clark was assigned to her daughter’s case. Amar was over the will of the family’s deceased relative.

A defamation of character lawsuit was filed in April.

Clark Amar was set to make nearly $120,000 over the next twenty years after being named head of Plummer’s estate, according to WBRZ Investigation team.

The COA Direcotr sued the family, after dropping the first lawsuit, when they attempted to block her from collecting on the estate.

Judge Clark has the option to recuse herself from the case that she was randomly assigned to.

To read details of the lawsuit, click HERE

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