Cop fired after acting out scene from ‘Training Day’

Orlando, FL (PPN) –  Innocent lives are being taken, children are going missing, crime is happening, yet a sheriff’s deputy in Orlando found time to joke around.

The sheriff’s deputy thought it was a good idea to pretend to be Denzel Washington in “Training Day” while on duty. Washington played the role of a corrupt, veteran narcotics officer in the the 2001 hit movie.

Lake County Deputy Dean Zipes waved both, his department issued gun and stun gun while quoting Denzel’s movie lines. Zipes acting skills costed him his job. The dash cam video was recording on February 16 as he acted out one of the scenes in the movie, by April 21 he was fired.

Dashcam video caught this image of Deputy Dean Zipes, right.
Zipes said his only intent was to “lighten the mood” and be the “center of attention,” WESH reported. This act of conduct is insane.
WESH obtained a report that said in a past incident, Zipes was  joking around once as cop killer Markeith Loyd. while talking to a pizza delivery driver.
Maybe a career that involves being the center of attention is something Zipes can pursue because this wasn’t the first time that he pulled out his firearm while on duty to play around.
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