Confirmed: Rosepine High School was outraged due to students kneeling for the “pledge of allegiance”

Rosepine, LA (PPN)- Parents are in an outraged regarding a referee calling a student a “nigger” during a football game. The incident happened during the Rosepine High vs North Central High School game.

Two parents of Rosepine High School contacted Pen Point News regarding the incident. One parent who asked to be anonymous said, “Our fans were angry but they would not show hate to other kids. They were frustrated about the kneeling as well as the coaches kept coming and going halfway to midfield”.

“It is sad to say…. but this story will go no where, this will only be brought up as a racism column. And that is not what more of this world needs.”

One other parent said, ” that story is a lie, the kids didn’t kneel during the National Anthem but it was during the pledge, I can not verify what language was said to them but I do know that according to the picture her time was wrong regarding the exact time that they kneeled”.

Coaches, parents, and students from  North Central High School all verified that the racial comments were said.


Click here to hear audio recording from parent that witness racial comments!

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