Community Members team up to give out scholarships to high school graduates

Baton Rouge, La (PPN)- Community Business Owners team up to give back to their community. Three business owners created a scholarship called “The Ross-McKnight-Lanus Sankofa Scholarship”. The Sankofa Scholarship (which means to go back and give) was established by Sam Ross of Sam Ross Designs, Ellen McKnight of the Maxine Firm, and lawyer/educator Dadrius Lanus. The scholarship represents pride and reinvestment from one millennial generation to the next. The inaugural scholarship winner was Miss Destiny Morris, a graduate of Belaire High School. Morris wrote an essay on what to expect as a future Southern University Jaguar student.

“She wrote an impeccable essay which articulated her vision as a future Jaguar. While all the essays and students were amazing, Miss Morris was very deserving of the award,” said Dadrius Lanus.

According to Lanus, after the scholarship presentation event was over, one of the participants pledged to donate an additional $1,000 for next years scholarship.

“The idea that our community doesn’t care is bogus and this event proved just that! Our community cares now more than ever and real change is coming to our city at the hands of our young people”, said Dadrius Lanus.

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