Community Members are seeking justice for an apparent cover-up by local Baton Rouge Police Department

Baton Rouge (PPN)- Tuesday, Raheem Howard, the 21-year-old was released from the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison this morning. Howard was accused of shooting at Baton Rouge Police Officer Yuseff Hamadeh nearly two months ago during a traffic stop.

According to authorities, Officer Yuseff Hamadeh, a 2-year veteran working in the Street Crimes Unit, pulled over the Raheen Howard vehicle for an alleged traffic violation on N 16th Street. Howard then fled from the vehicle, and Officer Hamadeh chased him on foot towards N 15th Street. Howard then entered a home in the 2000 block of N 15th Street, and Hamadeh continued the pursuit, forcefully entering through the front door of the home. Howard was then able to escape out of the back of the house. As Hamadeh chased him outside, Howard reportedly turned towards him and fired one shot at Officer Hamadeh, who returned fire.

Now Fast Forward 2 months later……

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Let’s examine the facts: After a thorough investigation, Baton Rouge Police Department revealed that Officer Hamadeh’s body camera or dash cam was never turned on during the alleged shootout with Howard. Also, audio footage discovered that only one shot was heard being fired during the alleged shooting. The report also indicated that no weapon was found in Howard’s possession.


How was it a shootout if there was only one shot heard being fired?

According to Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD) initial report, Howard fled on foot and Hamadeh chased him to the next street before the suspect reportedly fired a single gunshot at the officer. Hamadeh then returned fire, according to BRPD.

“So apparently there should have been a minimum of two shots fired since the report said Hamadeh admitted to returning fire on Howard.”

Why was Hamadeh’s body camera and dash camera turned off during the alleged traffic stop and shoot-out?

According to the BRPD, it is departmental policy to turn on body cams during interactions with members in the community. 

“So if Hamadeh violated policy, why didn’t the Chief of Police discipline him?”

What evidence did detectives have to charge Howard with attempted first-degree murder and illegal use of a weapon?

According to BRPD, no weapon was found during the alleged shootout between Howard and Hamadeh.

“So if detectives did a proper investigation, what evidence besides the sole testimony of Officer Hamadeh did detectives have to charge Howard with attempted-first degree murder.”

This has not been Hamadeh’s first traffic stop that involved him shooting his weapon.

According to BRPD, Officer Hamdeh was involved in another shooting in 2017, where he shot and killed a man on S Acadian Thruway between Claycut and Broussard. The man killed was identified as Jordan Frazier, 35, who was reportedly found to have been carrying a stolen gun and various drugs. He was shot and killed during an attempted traffic stop after reportedly getting out of the car during the traffic stop with a gun.

“So if Hamadeh has been in a shoot-out before during a traffic stop, one would assume that he should know how to turn on his dash camera and body camera during traffic stops.”


So Many Question, so few answers!!


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