Community Activist Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed sparks controversy at City Council Meeting

Baton Rouge, LA (PPN) – Stop the Killing founder Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed comments at the Metro Council meeting Wednesday enraged the city of Baton Rouge as he painted a vivid picture of the ongoing injustice in this country.

Baton Rouge Activist Silky Slim is known for his being outspoken. “Justice has already been served. A eye for a eye, so justice came when Gavin Long came,” Reed stated.

Reed said his intentions was not to glorify Long’s actions but rather reference Bible verse Exodus 21:24, being that Louisiana is a biblical state.

Long traveled to Baton Rouge on July 17, 2016 and killed three of the six BRPD officers he shot. This happened 12 days after Alton Sterling was  shot and killed by officer Blane Salaomni.


“Salamoni should be charged with the murder of those police officers that was killed ’cause his actions is what got those officers killed,” said Reed at the meeting.

Silky Slim continues to be a voice for the community and has made a reputation of calling out injustices among police officers.. “We’re not anit-police, we’re anti-injustice.”

He believes that the family of Alton Sterling have waited long enough for justice and prolonging the case has made matters worse. “Cops are getting away with murder and the justice system expects for citizens to be silent.”

Council member Scott Wilson, attempted to have Reed removed from the podium. Wilson has been noted for not allowing members of the black community the same amount of time to speak as their counterparts during Council meetings.

Reed has also requested records of the EMS calls from the night Sterling was killed.

According to BRPD, there was an alleged 911 call that Salamoni and Howie Lake II responded to on July 5, 2016 but there has been no evidence of this call.

Reed told the board that they were being unjust in the shooting of Alton Sterling. “I told you, I come to piss on your confederacy.”

Hand claps and cheers were heard as he walked away.

PPN Publisher Daniel Banguel interviewed Reed to discuss the controversy.

Many people were offended by some of Reed’s statements, including family members of the slain officers who were killed by Long.

“The statement was made that I made to draw attention and to make a major impact on the way that their trying to overlook one life and value another life more than that particular life.”

“Alton Sterling didn’t deserve to die,” Slim told Banguel.

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