Colombia mudslide leaves over 230 dead and many still missing

Mocoa, Colombia – Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos has declared a state of emergency after power and water supplies to Mocoa have been cut by the mudslide disaster. The hospital system has shut down also.

Three rivers over flooded following the torrential rains Friday night.

“Here we are facing a disaster caused by nature, by climate change,” Santos said earlier. He added that the region received nearly 500 millimeters of rain in March, which he said is about 80% more than the usual amount for the month.

Many were sleep when the river of mud flooded their neighborhoods and they had to run for their lives.

Rescuers  in southern Colombia were scrambling to reach over 100 people who were missing after the mudslides tore through the communities.

According the the Colombian military, at least 254 are dead and over 400 are injured.

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