City mistakenly honors suspected cop killer

Cincinnati, OH (PPN) – Mayor John Cranley honored a man who killed an officer, accidentally. He gave an emotionally apology to the police union Thursday night after he “mistakenly” issued, and honored a man who killed Officer Sonny Kim nearly two years ago.

“This was a huge mistake,” Cranley said. “It’s not done intentionally. It’s human error, but the buck stops with me.

“I love our police department,” he said, breaking down in tears. “I would never do anything to hurt them.” Cranley paused.

The Mayor called Kim’s family to apologize about his shameful actions.

“Please know that I had no idea that this request had been made and would never give permission to issue a proclamation honoring the murderer of Officer Sonny Kim, a true public servant who sacrificed his life while protecting the safety of the citizens of Cincinnati,” Cranley wrote in the letter to FOP President Dan Hils.

Officer Kim was gunned down in Madisonville two years ago. Proclamation requests are handled by the deputy chief of staff, who took responsibility for the mistake but Mayor Cranley said Holly Stutz Smith is not to blame, he takes full responsibility.


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