Are Christians being a hypocrite towards Vicki Yoche?

It seems that the “church folks”  have cast down judgement on yet another one of their on. In the times where Pastors have their own reality show or Mega-Church Pastors being involved in sex scandals, “Who would really want to attend church?” I grew up my entire life attending church and I have seen pastors exploit members for monetary gain, but members continue to give. I wondered if something was wrong with them but they were told if they give to the pastor that they too would be blessed.

So whats my point? My point is people will justify anything to do whatever they want to do. I thought the whole point of attending church was for a peace of mind and to gain a better relationship with God. I was always taught that we were always suppose to forgive our brothers and sisters and not to past judgement towards those who are openly committing sin.

The church has become a business so saving souls or trying to build up the character of someone has taken a back seat. We see churches pick what sin to talk about instead of preaching that all sin is wrong.

So as a christian, how are we to condemn Vicki Yoche on her political views? Vicki has stated on many occasion that she doesn’t support the liberal views of the Democratic Party because it conflicts with her spiritual beliefs. So, why not just allow her to have her opinion? Imagine if everyone attacked you for your beliefs regarding an issue.


Many have called Vicki Yoche a racist,but I disagree. I remember the funeral of Alton Sterling and you could count the number of white people in the audience by hand and among them was Vicki Yoche. She came on an assignment from God to invoke the spirit of God in a city that was torn apart by racial prejudice.

We all have our first amendment right to speak freely on what we believe in. Vicki may not have your support on her political stances, but her relationship with God and her character shouldn’t be a discussion especially if you do not know her personally.

I pray we all stand with Vicki during these difficult times.

Vicki it is my prayer that you continue to do what God tells you to do!

God Bless You!

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