Children found Black male’s head on porch, body discovered blocks away

Jackson, MS (PPN) – A neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi was shaken up over the weekend when someone cut off a man’s head and left his burned body just blocks away.

Jackson Police Department announced Monday that federal investigators will be brought in for assistance in the city’s 28th homicide of the year. The decapitated head and severely burned body was found in Mississippi less than a mile a part.

On Saturday morning, authorities responded to a call from Deer Park St. residents after children in the neighborhood found a human’s head on the porch of a home. The headless, severely burned body was found that evening after 4 p.m. on Green Avenue in a wooded area.

Property in Deer Park, in Jackson, where body was found on Saturday morning

“I watched Twilight Zone last night. I experienced it today in my own hood,” said a resident.

Police Chief Lee Vance will confirm if the body of the black male and head are related once a DNA test is completed.

“Whoever committed this crime, rage was an ingredient. Perhaps some type of message sending, but no I have never seen anything to occur where a head has been torn or cut from a body,” Chief Vance said.

Anyone with any information about this case or can identity the deceased, please contact the Jackson Police Department immediately at 601-355-TIPS (8477) or 601-960-1234.

This is a developing story.

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