Calling 911 isn’t safe anymore

Calling 911 isn’t safe anymore

In this year alone, 543 people have been shot and killed by police officers in this country and we are just midway through the year. A quarter of those killings included citizens who suffered from mental illness and majority are Black.

In July of 2015, 104 people had been fatally shot by police and by December the number had increased to 991. Last year a total of 963 people was fatally shot by police, according to the Washington post. That’s ridiculous.

Now we can talk about numbers all day but the real issue is that police appear to not understand the importance of their jobs and are trigger happy.

The good cops are afraid to turn the bad cops in and the chiefs of police aren’t brave enough to fire them. They kill a citizen, stay home and still receive taxpayer’s dollars. If the killers in prison were cops with badges on would they be in jail today?


Police fight against gangs such as Bloods and Crips. However, the biggest racist gang – Klu Klux Klan –  was protected in Virginia a few weeks ago during a KKK rally by police. If you do not know, the KKK is known for killing African-Americans.

Some call the police a gang and say that they took off the sheets and put on a badge. History doesn’t lie. Facts are facts.

Racism has always been a part of our country and will always be because it is being traditionally passed down from generation to generation in most southern white homes. I went to a predominately white school. By the time we made it to Junior High, majority of our white peers separated themselves by race, unlike in elementary. As children, we saw no color.


In the city of Zachary, once schools were integrated decades ago, the pool at Zachary High School was filled with cement because they didn’t want the Blacks swimming in their white pool. Still to this day, the school doesn’t have a pool even after recently being the number #1 school district in the state year after year.

Police are protecting, serving, and killing. Calling 911 isn’t safe anymore.

Two women have been killed recently after call 911. Charleena Lyles, a skinny young African-American pregnant woman was killed by deputies after calling 911 in Seattle. The police felt “threatened” and took her life with no regard. The situation could have been deescalated by using a stun gun but they chose to grab their gun and kill her. She didn’t have a gun.

A similar incident occurred on July 15, 2017, Justine Ruszczyk Diamond. 40, died from a gunshot wound to the abdomen in the alley behind her home. She was also murdered by Minneapolis police.

On July 6, 2016, another Minneapolis police murdered 32-year-old Philando Castile in front of his fiancé and daughter. The officer was recently acquitted of murder with evidence available. The year prior, a different Minneapolis cop killed Jamar Clark.

There are countless stories of citizens being killed by those who sworn in to protect and serve.

Police officers should not be awarded administrative leave with tax payers dollars after committing a murder. In 50 states, at least one more persons have been shot and killed in each state, mostly in the south and southeast region of the country.

Police continue to get away with murder but how long will it continue?

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