Brawl between Anti-Trump and Trump supporters at Berkely rally

Political tensions continue to rise in this country since Mr. Trump took office in January. This country has been filled with a lot of chaotic protests in different states.

For the third time this year in Berekely, supporters of Trump and counter-protesters had to be separated by law enforcement after brawls broke out. The two groups clashed on Saturday at a “Patriots Day” rally.  Trump supporters had a scheduled rally around Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park.

Officials were forced to throw fireworks and smoke bombs into the crowd after fist fights occurred on the streets between the two groups. Some demonstrators were pepper sprayed.

Founder of Oath Keepers, a citizen militia group, Stewart Rhodes traveled from Montana along with about 50 people to protect the pro-Trump protesters. Members of his group wore security guard gear, they were accompanied by bikers and others who volunteered to fight members who crossed police barricades.

“I don’t mind hitting” the counter-demonstrators, whom he called “neo-Nazis,” Rhodes said. “In fact, I would kind of enjoy it.”

The rally, one of many being held across the country, is sponsored by the pro-Trump group Liberty Revival Alliance and was originally scheduled for noon to 4 p.m. in Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park. A regularly scheduled farmer’s market, which is usually held adjacent to the park, was cancelled as a precaution.

There were about 12 police at the park before the rally began to setup a narrow entrance to control access. After the fights broke out, over a dozen people was arrested.

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