Boosie disowns brother after Taquari Hatch allegedly stole $361,000 from his bank account

Boosie disowns brother after Taquari Hatch allegedly stole $361,000 from his bank account

Atlanta, GA (PPN) – Boosie Bad Azz accused Capital One of allowing his bank account to be hacked last year and while the investigation is still ongoing, police blamed the rapper’s manager and brother Taquari Hatch for stealing $361,000 from one of the rapper’s bank account.

When the story first broke last year, Boosie did not get any response from police or the bank after months of filing reports, he released a statement on Instagram, “Capital One bank has still refuse to give my muthafuckin money back THEY let someone steal out my account.”

Hatch was arrested last week on identity theft and fraud charges. The police reported that Hatch transferred the money from Boosie’s bank account to over a dozen people who in return paid him cash.

The police report says a man called into Capital One customer service and pretended to be Boosie. Red flags went up for police after the man stated that he was married, and Boosie is not.

After TMZ released the story over the weekend, Hatch posted four videos on Instagram pleading that he was innocent and it was unbelievable that his brother would leak that information to the media. He eventually deleted those videos the same day. He claimed he was released the same day of the arrest.

Hatch and Boosie have been business partners for a very long time but the rapper is now disowning his only brother.

Boosie stated Monday ” trust nobody…” on an Instgram post. This is the first time Bad Azz spoke on the matter since the story was leaked by TMZ. “He and his family r no longer part of our family “at all”.

Hatch says that he has been a victim of identity theft and the phone that was used to call Capital One was in fact listed under his name but it was not him.


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