Body of a 5 year old girl found after massive fire

According to WBRZ News:

BATON ROUGE – Firefighters found the body of a child that was not able to escape a raging inferno in Baton Rouge Tuesday evening.

The five-year-old was found dead about four-and-a-half hours after the original call for help from people who live at the Cedarwood Apartments on Cedarcrest Ave.  Earlier in the night, shaken firefighters said it was unlikely the child, a girl, survived the blaze.  The child’s body was found around 11:30 p.m. in the apartment where she was last seen.

The fire was so great, fire fighters said in a live news conference on WBRZ News 2 at 10:00, there was “not a chance of survival” for the child.

The child was with other kids in an apartment who tried to cook, sparking the blaze, sources told WBRZ reporter Mark Armstrong at the scene.  Family and friends comforted each other as firefighters worked the fire.

In a live interview during the TV newscast, a fire department official told WBRZ reporter Brett Buffington, it’s unclear as to what sparked the blaze.  Investigators will immediately begin their probe of the fire once it’s safe.  Fire crews will likely be at the apartment complex overnight and into Wednesday.

Crews first responded to the fire at the complex on Cedarcrest Ave. around 7 p.m.  Video from WBRZ crews that arrived shortly after firefighters recorded images of massive flames pouring from the building.

About 90 minutes after the call to 911, the child’s family said the unidentified girl was missing.

An eyewitness said, “We rushed outside.. saw [the building] in flames.  [There was a lady saying] ‘where’s my baby, where’s my baby?'”

“It started with one apartment [then] going onto the next, onto the next,” the witness told WBRZ.

Three other people were injured in the fire.  Specific information about their injuries has not been released.

For much of the evening, authorities closed Cedarcrest at Coursey Blvd.

Fire investigators said they will talk to witnesses as they work to figure out what started the fire.

Monitor WBRZ feeds Wednesday for updates to this story.


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