Bill Cosby jury is all white, so far

(PPN) – One of the most loved TV dad’s will be going to trial soon. Bill Cosby, 79, an actor-comedian legend that will forever be remembered for his hit show “The Cosby Show”, where he played the character of Dr. Cliff Huxtable.

Cosby is charged with molesting and drugging a Temple University women’s basketball team manager at his Philadelphia home in 2004.

On Monday, his jury selection consisted of five jurors, three white men and two white women.

The search for 12 jurors and six alternates got off to a brisk start. Experts believe lawyers on both sides will be considering race, sex, age, occupation and interests of potential jurors.

Since the news of Cosby, other women have came out to confess but the judge is allowing only one of them to testify at the June 5 trial in suburban Philadelphia.

Cosby has said he thinks race “could be” a motivating factor in the accusations lodged against him.

The oldest person chosen for the panel was perhaps in his 70s and, like Cosby, uses a cane.

“Statistically, that would be accurate in our society, sadly, that we have that level of sexual misconduct,” said Laurie Levenson, a Loyola Law School professor. “Can we trust them (to be fair)? That’s really the question. … Sometimes it’s not so easy. It’s one thing to set aside intellectually what you know, but it’s another to set it aside emotionally.”

One-third of the potential jurors said Monday, they know a friend or family member that has been sexually assaulted.

Cosby  entered the courtroom on the arm of an aide, using a cane and carrying a box of tissues.

The trial will take place in Norristown in Montgomery County.  Cosby was arrested Dec. 30, 2015, days before the 12-year statute of limitations expired. He has pleaded not guilty and remains free on $1 million bail.

Cosby told a talk soon recently,”I want people to understand my work as an artist and a performer.I want to get back to the laughter and the enjoyment of things that I’ve written and things that I perform on stage.”

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