Betsy DeVos’s confirmation-What does this mean for public schools?

Betsy DeVos’s confirmation-What does this mean for public schools?

WASHINGTON — Today, Betsy DeVos, who has no experience in public education was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the Secretary of Education with an historic tie breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence.  Devos is a wealthy Republican donor who is best known for her family’s multi-million dollar contributions to the Republican Party.


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Citizens and Organizations across the country have voice their dissatisfaction of Devos’ confirmation in a resounding fashion.










So the question remains, What does this mean for Public Education?


Lets REVISIT some important facts about Betsy Devos.

Betsy Devos wants to privatize public education.

Betsy DeVos is a billionaire who has spent her career and fortune rigging the system to privatize and defund public education and turn public schools into yet another product for billionaires, corporations, and Wall Street executives to profit from.

While Betsy DeVos’  anti-public education agenda has certainly made it easier for billionaires and corporations to profit off of public schools, it has been devastating for students and parents in states across the country.

DeVos is a noted advocate for moving taxpayer dollars away from traditional public schools.

DeVos believes that education is an “industry” and that we must open it up to more for-profit entities.

DeVos is a billionaire who has spent millions of dollars trying to influence elections for personal gain and through various PACs that she has funded.

DeVos has also been accused of retaliating against a fellow Republican who tried to stand up to her and support accountability for for-profit schools.

Citizens across the country will exhibit their frustration of DeVos’ confirmation as the newly appointed U.S. Secretary of Education by voting to replace Republican Senators whose term will be up for re-election in the upcoming election cycle.


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