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Baton Rouge Slumlord who refuses to fix “moldy” apartment unit for single parent mother


Baton Rouge, LA (PPN)- Today, Pen Point News was contacted by Branica Brown who alledges uninhabitable living conditions at Dali Place Apartments. Dali Place is located at 1110 N Ardenwood Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70806.

Brown describes her experience as “horrible.” Brown stated to our Publisher Daniel Banguel via telephone that she had been in constant contact with the landlord for over a month regarding the leaking ceiling located in the bathroom and it still has not been fixed. Brown said that the landlord has not attempted to relocate her or her children despite the leaking roof that would later cave in the entire ceiling over the tub causing leakage throughout the apartment.

Brown provided Pen Point News with photos that show poor maintenance by the apartment complex which resulted in property damage and health concern for Brown.

Due to not having anywhere else to go, Brown statesthat she has two children that she is concerned for and she needs the communities help with assisting her to find somewhere else to live.

Click here to hear the recored interview with our publisher.

Pen Point News reached out to Dali Place Apartments and have not receive a follow up call as of yet.

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