Baton Rouge Police Officer Robin Ducote is under investigation for writing a “BOGUS” Police Report

BATON ROUGE-According to the WBRZ Investigative Unit, an internal investigation is currently pending after Baton Rouge Police Department Officer Robin Ducote was recorded on body camera audio stating that she would search a vehicle despite having probable cause. According to the body camera audio recording, it recorded Ducote saying, “whatever she found she would report it as being found in plain view.”

According to report, two other officers were also at the scene in which they questioned Ducote on her reasoning to check the car without probable cause. The two officers notified Ducote that she needed “p-c” or probable cause to search the vehicle. Ducote responded to the officers that the police report would cover them.
According to the audio recording on the body camera…

“I want to get her out of this truck, and let’s search the truck,” Officer Robin Ducote’s said.

Another officer asked her, “Do you have p-c?”

“Yeah, they are both f****** passed out,” Ducote responds. “So, if we find something, we say it’s in plain view. Who gives a s***, we’re writing this report.”

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