Baton Rouge Mayor: ‘No one in my office has been notified by the U.S. Attorney office’

Baton Rouge – The Washington Post released the story about the decision in the Alton Sterling case. However, Mayor Weston-Broome has not confirmed this information.

The Mayor released this statement (Source: Max 94.1 )

Please see below from Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome:

“I am appalled that this news, whether true or false, has been disseminated without a formal decision being relayed to the Sterling family first. Also, no one in my office or the governor’s office has been notified by the U.S. Attorney’s office of a decision or timeline. I am still in consistent contact with the governor’s office. As I’ve said before, when I know something, the people of Baton Rouge will know — and we will get through it together.”

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