Baton Rouge Judge Michael Ervin under fire for calling a black woman a “nigger” at a local Sammy’s Restaurant

According to the Rouge Collection, Baton Rouge Judge Michael Erwin has been accused of calling a black woman  a “fat nigger” and her name is Kaneitra Johnson. Johnson and a group of friends went to Sammy’s Grill located on Highland Rd for a night of fun and left with memories that will impact them the rest of their lives.

Below is a Facebook post by Kaneitra Johnson who vividly described the night of the horrible experience.


Pen Point News Investigative Team contacted Sammy’s Grill regarding the alleged incident and it was confirmed that Judge Michael Ervin was banned from all Sammy’s Grills in the Baton Rouge area, but the reason for the ban was not specified .

This story is ongoing.

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