Baby dies after T-Mobile calls cannot reach 911

(PPN) – Dallas emergency dispatch is still having trouble receiving calls from some T-Mobile customers. These “ghost calls” have been clogging the system since November of last year. When T-Mobile customers dial 911, their phones repeatedly makes multiple calls and places legitimate callers on hold for long periods of time.

T-Mobile brands itself on being the most reliable network although many in Dallas may disagree. Dallas officials and T-Mobile are aware of the technology glitch.

Bridget Alex, mother of a 6-month-old Brandon Alex, blames this issue for the death of her son. She was at her nephew’s funeral when she received a call from her babysitter telling her that her son had fallen and was unconscious.

The babysitter called 911 but no one answered.

Alex drove home and rushed her son to the hospital over a hour later after the babysitter’s first 911 call. The baby was then transferred to another hospital in the Dallas area where he was pronounced dead. The cause of death is unknown.
They believed the issue was resolved in January but by March, operators were slammed with backlog spikes. The city manager wrote a memo that on March 6 there were 360 emergency calls on hold. A few days later, 442 callers were on hold for an average of 38 minutes.

“I want them to take responsibility of my son’s death. That’s what I want them to do,” Alex told the Morning News. “Because at the end of the day, my son was still breathing, but had y’all come out like y’all were supposed to, my son would still be here in my arms. But because you didn’t, my son is gone and I have to bury him on Monday”.

The infant’s mother told local news that her son’s babysitter, who is also his godmother and a family friend, first called 911 when he fell off a daybed and was barely breathing. When nobody answered, she hung up and called back, but was put on hold for nine minutes, Alex told the Dallas Morning News. So she hung up and called back again, but this time reportedly waited on hold for 30 minutes.
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