Attorney Charles Stewart, encourages community to call Louisiana AG office


Live with Alton Sterling Family Attorney Chris Stewart

Posted by Daniel Banguel on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Baton Rouge, LA (PPN) – Although the DOJ decision failed to give the family justice, the battle for justice is not over.

Attorney Chris Stewart told Pen Point news, “It goes to the attorney general”, speaking of the next steps that will be taken in the Alton Sterling case.

The Department of Justice dis not find the two officers who killed Alton Sterling in close gun range guilty of any wrongdoings.

Many community leaders are calling for the termination of both officers and for them to be arrested and charged.

“We’re going to be filling a civil lawsuit”, Stewart continued.

According to officials, one of the cops involved saw Sterling reaching for a gun and that’s why 3 shots were fired.

“We’re not going to trust the word of the man who killed him”.

New details were announced today by the mother and aunt of Alton Sterling. The family’s lawyer reiterated the same information.

This  may be the evidence needed to win the case. The DOJ did not confirm whether they did or did not see Alton Sterling reaching for a gun. Stewart stood firm on his beliefs and reassured that the fight for justice will continue and everyone should be demanding it as well.


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