Another MAJOR blow to North Baton Rouge-Cortana Mall up for sale

In the past few years, North Baton Rouge has seen major retail chains leave their community. Today, Cortana Mall, one of the community’s biggest source of revenue has decided to sell it’s facility for $4 million.

Moonbeam Leasing & Management, a Las Vegas company bought Cortana and the former Mervyn’s anchor store in 2013 for a combined $6.15 million.

Beau Box, who has the co-listing for the mall with Mike Bristol, a Dallas commercial Realtor, said he’s marketing the property “to everybody.”

Box said the property is attracting attention from national investors, who are looking at the site for non-retail uses. “They’re looking at anything. Colleges, schools, churches, distribution centers, offices and call centers,” he said.

According to Bristol’s listing, Cortana is nearly 357,000 square feet, while the Mervyn’s space is 80,000 square feet.

Cortana open its doors on August of 1976 and was the premier place to shop in Baton Rouge until the Mall of Louisiana, which opened in 1997, began to chip away at the customer base.

Cortana is down to just two anchor tenants: a Dillard’s clearance store that takes up only one floor of the two-level space, and Virginia College.


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