9-year-old calls 911 after babysitter overdosed on heroin

Dayton, OH (PPN) – Officers and emergency crews were dispatched Sunday afternoon to a home after a 9-year-old child called 911 for help.

The child told dispatchers that she was in an apartment with her two younger siblings and their mother was headed home but she was an hour away.

The babysitter and the sitter’s girlfriend both overdosed on drugs. Leslie Harbarger, 45, and Angela Benda, 47, were revived with Narcan.

“We were greeted at the door by two small children with tears running down their faces,” wrote the reporting police officer in the incident report.

Both women were unresponsive when police and medics arrived. One was halfway in the living room close to the children and the other was near the kitchen and bathroom area.

They were transported to Miami Valley Hospital.

“It should be noted that fire crews used every dose of Narcan they were carrying and I had to give two doses of my issued Narcan,” the reporting officer wrote.

Benda ingested one heroin cap. Harbarger denied taking heroin but said she abuses her prescription medication.

Montgomery County Children Services was notified about the incident. Both women received summons  in lieu of an arrest.

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