3 arrested from Baton Rouge in Biloxi after attacking security and police

Biloxi, MS (PPN) – Spring break got out of hand this past weekend at Edgewater Mall in Biloxi after a mall security guard and a police officer were attacked. Five people were arrested Sunday evening, of those five, three were from Baton Rouge.

Sedale Coleman (Photo source: Biloxi Police Department)

Ivy Givens (Photo source: Biloxi Police Department)

A large group became disorderly as they followed Lil Boosie and his entourage. They attacked the security guard after he asked them to leave and when the officer arrived shortly after to help, he was attacked as well.


Ivy Givens, 19, and two other unidentified 17-year-old of Baton Rouge was involved in the incident. Police also arrested Sedale Coleman, 32, of Tucker, GA, Patrick Tolbert, 26, of Mobile, AL, and Ollie Harper, 33 of Atlanta, GA.

The suspects were stopped in the 1600 block of Irish Hill Dr after they left the scene and drove down Hwy. 90 in a white van.

Harper was not involved in the assault but he was the van driver. Police found him in possession of a stolen gun out of Atlanta. He was charged with possession of a stolen firearm.

Givens, Coleman, and Tolbert were charged with simple assault on a law enforcement officer and simple assault on the security guard.

Ollie Harper (Photo source: Biloxi Police Department)

Patrick Tolbert (Photo source: Biloxi Police Department)

Only one of the teens involved was charged with assault on the police and the other teen was charged with both assaults.

All are felony charges. Everyone’s bond for each charge was set at $50,000.









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